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Automatic Blanket Wash Cloths

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Tensile Strength Tests confirm that Blutex demonstrates superior resistance to tearing compared to other washcloths in the market.


Pre-Moistened Cleaning Cloth

Produced using innovative and patented manufacturing processes. Rolls are vacuum sealed in patented leakproof packing and ready to use right out of the box.


Special “new generation” cloth specific for the cleaning of perfecting jackets for the pressure cylinders. The special surface of Perfecting Tex removes ink residues and paper dust more easily from the surface of the perfecting jacket. Perfecting Tex has a high scratch resistance and does not fray or leave residue.

Automatic Blanket Washcloths: Products
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Premium Quality Dry Cloth

Offering low lint, balanced absorption and smoothness beyond expectation, Aquamarine will protect your rollers and rubber blankets in the best possible way.

Rolls for: Heidelberg, KBA, Komori & more!

Automatic Blanket Washcloths: Products



Dry Cloths

  • We can fit every cloth type automatic blanket wash system, cylinder cleaner, chill roll cleaner and plate cleaner in you plant.

  • Made from Sontara®, the original, first-quality material for blanket cleaning, the only material specified by the original equipment manufacturers.

  • Made and stocked in the USA. No more overseas turnaround.

  • Precision-made for exact fit and optimal cleaning performance.

  • Extra-long (XL) rolls available for reduced labor and downtime.

Presoaked Cleaning Cloths

  • Patented low VOC chemistry

  • Rolls are available in heavyweight, calendared and open apertured fabric to provide maximum scrubbinng effect without harming printing blankets

  • Reduced cloth consumption by as much as 50%

  • Eliminate the cost of blanket wash solvent by 100%

  • Eliminate odors related to hazardous blanket wash chemistry resulting in a cleaner and safer working environment for customers and employees

  • Eliminate clogged spray nozzles and hoses

  • Cleans LED, UV, EB, H-UV, and conventional inks on blankers and back cylinders

  • Siebert UV rolls are specially formulated and tested to run safely on EPDM blankets and rollers

Automatic Blanket Washcloths: Products
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